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 This Is Where You Will Find Alot of Great Deals here On Rims, Wheels, Tires and Auto Parts For Cheap. We Buy All Overstocked Items From Major Manufacturers and Distributors At Discounted Prices... And Pass Those Savings To You. So Don't Miss Out!!! 

Powder Coating & Refinishing Your Rims!

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Powder Coating & Refinishing Your Rims!
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We at GetCheapParts are Your 1 Stop Shop for Refinishing and Powder Coating Rims!

We will be able to handle all your needs from taking out Scratches, Curb Rash, Bent Rims, Powder coating... etc.

If we can't do it... We will get it done for you at a very low wholesale cost!!

We take pride in our Refinishing and Powder coating options.

We will Sand Blast prep and Powdercoat your rims and offer you a 3 year warranty on our work!

Call us for Details.


Price: 75.00
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